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The Leader's Edge Interview + Full Transcripts

In these candid interviews, the most inspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs unpack their greatest insights, successes, challenges and lessons to reveal what’s given them their unconventional and creative edge.

If you're looking for refreshingly real "inside advice" on how to be a leader from some of the most dynamic thought leaders and experts who are changing the face of leadership, you won't want to miss this elite-level leadership training.


Here Are Some Of The Savvy & Inspirational Leaders Who’ve
Shared Their Wisdom With Leader’s Edge Members:

Drew Dudley

Creating Value-Driven Cultures

Sydney Finkelstein

How To Be A Superboss

Alexandra Jamieson

Authentic Leadership

Dawna Markova

Collaborative Intelligence

Angie McArthur

Collaborative Intelligence

Chris Fussell

Agility & Decision Making

Dr. Gay Hendricks

Making The Big Leap

Benjamin Hardy

How To Be A Superboss

Tahl Raz

Exposing Success Myths

Jeremy Heimans

Leveragin "New Power"

Todd Davis

Building Effective Relationships

Jennifer Dulski

Finding Your Purpose

Lior Arussy

Embracing Change

Danette May

Building Resilience

Ashley Eckstein

Achieving "Unrealistic" Dreams

Aaron Dignan

How To Do Your Best Work

Leena Rinne

How To Build Trust & Loyalty

David Burkus

Taking The "Dirty" Out of Networking

Barry Schwartz

The Paradox of Choice

Julie Morgenstern

On Getting Organized

Scott Miller

How To Grow From Failure

Tom Cronin

The Power Of Stillness

Gary John Bishop

Stop Self-Sabotage

Jay Acunzo

Intuitive Business Decisions

Martin Lanik

Building Leadership Habits

Mike Michalowicz

Making Profit First

Rick Woolworth

Mentoring Emerging Leaders

Ramon David

Neuroscience & Brain Training

Michael Hyatt

Trading Burnout For Balance

Jeremie Kubicek

The 100x Leader

Mark Murphy

Hiring For Attitude

Judi Holler

Fear Is Your Homeboy

Kathryn Heath

The Influence Effect

Peter Kozodoy

Honest To Greatness

Rich Berens

What’s Your Blindspot?

Dan Pontefract

Open To Think

Carol Goman

Building Leadership Presence

Maëlle Gavet

Tech Empathy Problem

Ian Hathaway

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ed Latimore

Control Your Mind, Body & Emotions

Jake Wood

Once A Warrior

Chris Connors

Emotional Intelligence For The Modern Leader

Bob Raleigh

Search For Why

Thais Gibson

Mastering Your Subconscious

Megan Harth

Embodiment Coach

Erica Keswin

Bring Your Human to Work

Liane Davey

Have A Healthy Workplace

Penelope Layzell

Redefining The Workplace

Susan Appleton

Dynamic and Exceptional Leadership

Shanae Calhoun

Building People Power In Organizations

DeAnne Joy

Claiming Your Legacy To Create Impact

Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

And Here's Your Host...

Jonny Dupré is a success coach, certified practicing hypnotherapist, a master practitioner of NLP and a charisma and connection consultant.

Given his extensive toolbox when it comes to the subconscious mind, Jonny is known for helping people transcend their limitations so they can live their best lives... his work has literally changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Leadership Training eBook

Curious to discover more about topics such as emotional intelligence, stoicism, intrinsic motivation, productivity, confidence, limiting beliefs and empowerment (basically, practical advice on how to be a leader)… but don’t have time to dive deep into these topics?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back…

That's why each month you'll also receive a relevant yet concise leadership training eBook covering some of the most important leadership and professional development trends to help you become a more effective and influential leader (and just a better human being, really).

Bonus Leadership Skills Training: Exercises & Tools

Want a quick and easy way to charge up your leadership skills every month? The Bonus Skills Training contains short exercises and tools to get you thinking differently about how you manage your employees, your mind and your life!

Some of the topics covered include: decision making, how to improve your sleep, meditation, mental models and how to take control of your ego (so it doesn't control you!). These leadership training tools will equip you with practical and actionable leadership skills to help you hone the mindset of a brilliant boss.

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Already rockin’ it? Want to continue to learn from the best... but don’t have the time to constantly trawl through websites, talks and trends? We’ve got you covered.

Golden Key Access

Each month, you’ll unlock an additional month’ content from our vaulted archive, giving you access to over:

20+ hours of interviews with the most inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs (including transcripts)

20+ concise eBooks covering a variety of leadership and professional development trends

20+ practical techniques and exercises to challenge the way you think so you can embody the mindset of a “brilliant boss”


Access to our special bonus month as a welcome gift for becoming a member!

Inspiring Leadership Cards Quotes Deck + Training Audios

Love inspiring leadership quotes?

Yeah, we do too! That’s why we created the Inspiring Leadership Cards. This beautifully designed card deck contains the winning words and wisdom of the world’s most inspirational leaders. Includes:

• 49 Powerful Leadership Quotes from Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Lao Tzu, Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln and many more!

• 49 Winning Leadership Qualities that best represent these epic leaders and the benefits of integrating these highly effective qualities into your own leadership style

• 49 Practical Action Steps to complement each of the leadership qualities and further improve your innate ability to inspire.

Inspiring Leader Shortcut System + Training Audios

Quotes are an awesome way to inspire yourself and others. But to complement your words with solid action, we also created the Inspiring Leader Shortcut System. These highly practical cards include:

• 50 Career-Enhancing Leadership Skills serving as quick “cheat sheets” on how to build and improve a variety of essential leadership skills

• 50 Powerful Tips on how to hone each of these leadership skills so you can take your skills as a leader to the next level

• 5 Suits covering a broad range of skills, including: people skills, business skills, communication skills, values & behaviors and how to deal with challenges

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Inspiring Leadership Cards Quotes Deck + Training Audios
Inspiring Leader Shortcut System + Training Audios
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